Thursday, March 7, 2013

siomai: the master of chinese food business

Siomai, or a dumpling of Chinese origin, has indeed captured the hearts and tummy of Filipinos these days. You can find siomai food carts almost everywhere - in almost all train stations, cafeterias and streets. Fast, cheap, yummy food. Who can go wrong on siomai food cart business?Here's a list of siomai food cart franchises available in the Philippines.
-Emperor Siomai
-Pinoy Pao franchise
-Master siomai
-Siomai house

For the filling
1 kilo ground pork (suggested proportion of fat to lean meat is 1:3)
1/3 cup singkamas, minced
1/3 cup carrots, minced
1 large onion, minced
a bunch of spring onions or leeks, chopped
1 egg
3 tablespoons sesame oil
5 tablespoons oyster sauce
1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons sugar
small wonton or siomai wrappers

For the dipping saucesoy sauce calamansi sesame oil chili paste, optional

Healthy tip For a healthier siomai, use very lean ground pork and increase the proportion of vegetable. You can also add mushrooms and shrimps. If you do, you may need to add one more egg to help bind the mixture.

Tasting tip  Don’t forget to check the seasoning by microwaving a spoonful before wrapping with siomai wrapper. Adjust the salt and pepper, if necessary.

Siomai is a traditional Chinese dumpling. This popular dumpling has made its way to the heart of the Filipino’s as evidenced by the hundreds of stalls, eateries, and restaurants who serve them. Traditionally cooked through steaming, siomai nowadays are also served fried complimented with soy sauce and calamansi.In Manila, the best siomai can be found in the Manila China Town (which is the oldest China Town in the world). Several Chinese restaurants and even stalls serve different siomai varieties. Outside of China town, Pao Tsin would be the best one for me.

This Siomai recipe that I have for you is the Cantonese variety. It basically makes use of ground pork, shrimps, and mushrooms as the main ingredients. I liked this recipe for its oriental taste.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Beef Tapa: Tapsilog

Beef Tapa is dried cured beef similar to “Beef Jerky”. This is traditionally prepared by curing the meat with sea salt and letting it dry directly under the sun for the purpose of preserving the meat. Nowadays, commercialized Beef Tapa are often cured but most do not undergo drying. Tapa is usually fried and is best served with vinegar.

A popular combination called “Tapsilog“  is commonly served in eateries called tapsihan and gotohanTapsilog is an abbreviation for Tapa, Sinangag (Fried Rice), and Itlog (Fried egg). Other meats used to make tapa are: Carabao’s meat (tapang kalabaw) , Deer’s meat (tapang Usa), Wild Boar’s meat (tapang Baboy Ramo),and horse’s meat (tapang kabayo). Speaking of tapang kabayo, Matty’s tapsilogan in Don Galo, Paranaque serves one of the best tapang kabayo in the Las Pinas-Paranaque-Muntinlupa area.


1 kilo thinly-sliced beef
7 tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons salt
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
3 teaspoon finely minced garlic
3 tablespoons soy sauce
4 tablespoons vinegar

Making this recipe will enhance your cooking and food preparation skills and will also help you save some money. Who knows, this might even be a business opportunity for you.

Here in Master of siomai franchise food cart atbp. we offer a delightful business of different varieties of tapsilog business. We call it Red Bowl Franchise. Let Money work for You. contact us now! :)

Sisig Kapampangan

From Wikepedia:
Sisig is a Kapampangan term which means "to snack on something sour". It usually refers to fruits, often unripe or half-ripe, sometimes dipped in salt and vinegar. It also refers to a method of preparing fish and meat, especiallypork, which is marinated in a sour liquid such as lemon juice or vinegar, then seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices.
Sisig also refers to Sizzling sisig, a Filipino dish made from parts of pig’s head and liver, usually seasoned withcalamansi and chili peppers.

How to cook sisig:

Pork Sisig Ingredients:

1 kilo pork head (face, ear, cheek, tongue)
1/4 cup liver; broiled and cut in cubes
1 tablespoon garlic; minced
1 small onion; chopped
2 bay leaves
1/2 cup vinegar
1 tablespoon red bell pepper; chopped
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 cup pork or beef stock
2 kalamansi; sliced
siling labuyo; chopped
Salt or fish sauce to taste

Pork Sisig Cooking Instructions:

Grill pork’s head to remove any remaining hair. Boil until tender, debone, and then cut in small cubes.
Sauté garlic, onion, red bell pepper. Add liver and pork. Season with salt, vinegar, and pepper. Add stock and bay leaves. Bring to a boil, then simmer until little sauce is left. Adjust seasoning according to taste.
Garnish with kalamansi, and siling labuyo on a sizzling plate. Squeeze the kalamansi and stir the chopped siling labuyo over the plate if desired.

Mangan mga kaibigan!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Why franchising?

A lot of Filipinos right now are always complaining. "Sawang-sawa na ko ayoko na ng ganitong buhay". There are time that they can't help but to do their job because they have their obligation and not because of passion. But being an employee is not the main problem, why not think like a Chinese...Negosyo sabayan ng trabaho mentality.

Here is an article that might help you get into a small business like food cart franchising:

Why franchising?

Franchising is a method of doing business where the buyer (the franchisee) runs a business by using the system and trademark of the seller (the franchisor). Among the benefits in franchising are:

First, it minimizes the risk of business failure because through the years of running the business, the franchisor has ironed out potential problem areas. According to the Philippine Franchise Association, “a franchised business is three times more likely to succeed as compared to one put up from square one”.
Second, you save on the cost of advertising because not only do you have a well-known and recognized trademark, you also pool advertising resources with other franchisees.
Third, the franchisor provides the franchisee and staff with detailed training and help. If you were an independent operator, where would you and your staff train?
Who may avail of franchising opportunities under Instant Negosyo?

Any interested individual. This means either you or any of your family member/s, or any group of individuals who may pool resources together;
A Filipino based or working abroad who wants to put up and operate his own business here in the Philippines. Also included are those who are planning to return to the Philippines.
Interested parties must possess the following qualities:
Committed and hardworking
With positive outlook in life
Willing to be trained in the disciplines of the franchise business systems
With financial resources to put up a business.
Can I qualify even if I have no experience or background in business?

A business experience and/or background is an advantage. However, interested parties with no experience in business need not worry since franchisors will provide training programs.

One of the benefits of franchising is the transfer of information and technology necessary to successfully operate the business.

The rest of the personnel such as supervisors and staff will also be trained. The length of training will depend on the type of the franchise business.

Can I apply even while I am still abroad?

Yes! You can start your own business here in the Philippines while still abroad. You may appoint a representative from among your family members to apply and operate your business. Of course, they will be subject to the franchisor’s evaluation process.

How much investment is needed?

Your investment will depend on the nature of the franchise business you choose. Instant Negosyo has carefully selected the franchise package it offers. Your investment could range from as low as PHP 15,000 to as high PHP 2.5 million.

Other factors that affect your investment size are:

Size/area of establishment, Location, Equipment, Outlet type, Stock inventory, Office / space rental, Insurance, Permits & licenses, Other working/operating expenses
In general, your franchise investment includes:

Franchise fee, Marketing study, Store design, Layout assistance, Training programs, Leasehold improvements (outlet construction), Equipment, Signage, Pre-opening marketing expense, and pre-opening supplies
Do I pay more if I course my inquiry through Instant Negosyo?

No, the amount you pay is exactly the same as when you deal directly with the franchisors. In fact, fees are paid directly to the franchisors. With Instant Negosyo, you receive the assistance and services with no extra or additional costs.

How much can I expect to earn?

Your income from your outlet/business will depend on a number of factors such as: location, market condition and type of supervision you will your shop, advertising and marketing.

Depending on the franchise business you choose, your recovery period can be anywhere from six (6) to thirty-six (36) months.

What is the ideal location?

The location depends on the franchise business you choose but in general, the following are the locations which are most preferred.

In a mall: near cinemas, near food courts, near main entrances, near entrances of main parking lots
Outside the mall: near churches, near public markets, near pedicab, tricycle or jeepney stops, near schools, near municipal halls, within commercial areas, near a loading and unloading area for public transport, where there is heavy pedestrian traffic, near entrance of populated residential community
These indications do not automatically mean a good site. The franchisor with its vast experience in site selection, shall assess the feasibility of your prospective site. This comes along with an objective and accurate report on the sales potential of the site.

There are instances when you already have a site in mind. Such location will still have to pass through the franchisor’s evaluation and approval.

If you have no specific location in mind, some have a list of pre-approved spaces that are to be franchised.

How soon can I start operating?

Again, this varies form one franchisor to another and will depend on how fast you can submit the documentary requirements.

Once the franchisor has approved your application and you have complied with the other requirements such as personnel training, site construction and equipment installation, then you can immediately start.

This article wants you to know that Filipinos are hardworking and they deserve something that equates their dedication. We could fight against obligation by simply doing business and live with passion. You might consider this food cart franchising as the answer to your hardest thinking on how can i live with passion.

Friday, March 1, 2013


Yes, the summer heat is on! Most of us are choosing if we like to spend the summer on a white sand beach or in the place where the smell of the pine trees and the cold climate is evident but the bottom line is, we all need a summer vacation. All of us need to release the stress from work and find a place where we can unwind and relax from the busy city. Indeed, the view of the beach and the glamour of nature and pampering service from the top summer destination is very relevant. Here in the Philippines we have those summer spots that we can be proud of. Definitely IT'S MORE SUMMER FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES. :)

I listed some of the TOP SUMMER DESTINATION that you might want to check. I also posted some promo that you might consider if you have a tight budget :)

Top 1. PALAWAN ( Puerto Princesa, Coron and El Nido)

The fun in the Philippines is definitely starting to pick up with a private getaway island in Palawan province taking the top spot in the British edition of Vogue Magazine’s 100 best holiday destinations in the world. - See more at: 

Palawan is rated as the best island destination in East and Southeast Asia region by the National Geographic Traveller magazine in 2007. It is also cited as the 13th best island in the world. Be awed at the beautiful natural seascapes and landscapes of Palawan.

Place to visit: Crocodile Farm, Binuatan Creation, Mitra’s Ranch, Bakers Hill and Running tour to Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral, Plaza Quartel, Puerto Princesa Baywalk and Souvenir Shops

Activities: snorkelling, diving, swimming, island hopping, caving.

Must-Try Food: live mangrove worms, seafood dishes, vegetable dishes, chicken inasal (grilled chicken), Badjao Seafront Restaurant



Boracay is a tropical island surrounded by stunning white sand beaches about an hour's flight from Cebu or Manila just off the larger Philippines island of Panay.
Boracay is voted as one of the best beaches in the world by BMW Tropical Beach Handbook in 1990. It is also voted as the number one tropical beach by British publication TV Quick in 1996. Enjoy fun activities and beach relaxation with its famous white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.
Place to Visit: White Sand Beach, Kalibo Aklan, Bulabog Beach, Yapak, Tibiao Whitewater River, Mount Luho, The Bat Caves, Dead Forest

Activities: scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, kite boarding, boardsailing, caving, horse riding, yachting,
Must-Try Food: seafood dishes especially Kinilaw (raw fish or shellfish marinated in vinegar and spices) , lumpiang ubod (vegetables mix with shrimps and pork wrapped in crepe), pancit molo (noodles)
Travel Summer Promo: MetrodealEnsogoAirPhil AdventoursCash Cash Pinoy

TOP 3 BAGUIO CITY (Summer Capital of the Philippines)
Baguio, perched high in the Cordillera Central Mountains, is a great place to escape the heat of the Philippine lowlands. Camp John Hay, originally built as a recreation area for U.S. soldiers, now is a full-fledged resort complete with a world-class golf course. Definitely stop at the city market, where you can buy almost anything.
Baguio is known as the summer capital of the Philippines. It is considered as one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the country. Baguio is a mountain retreat that is visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists alike.
There are numerous of family activities in store for you. The additional breathtaking scenic views will definitely complete your summer vacation in this city.
Place to Visit: Burnham Park, Camp John Hay, Lourdes Grotto, Mines View Park, The Mansion, Ifugao Woodcarvers Village, Kennon Road, Baguio Cathedral, Mummies of Kabayan, Philippine Military Academy, Botanical Garden,
Activities: sightseeing, horseback riding, play golf, boat rides, skating rink, biking,
Must-Try Food: strawberries, peanut brittle, strawberry jam, purple yam, fresh and green vegetables
Reviews: TripadvisorMetrodeal


Cebu is a perfect mix of ancestral roots and urban flair. Remnants of the past are abundant as Cebu is the Philippines' oldest city. Amidst all this history that envelops the city is a hustling and bustling metropolis that caters to businesses and entrepreneurs around the country. Fondly referred to as the Queen City of the South, Cebu has long been one of the country’s top business and tourist destinations.

With lush beaches and business districts breathing together alongside the genuine hospitality of its people, Cebu is definitely a sight not only to see, but to experience. Cebu City is among the well-developed cities in the country boasting of posh hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers considered among the finest in the country. Cebu is famous for sweets and delicacies and the best brands of acoustic guitars.
Place to Visit: Magellan Marker, Monument of Lapu-Lapu, Fort San Pedro, Basilica del Minore del Sto. Niño, Taoist Temple, Cebu Heritage Monument, Pasalubong Shops at Otap and Taboan Public Market, Guitar and Ukelele Factory, Shellcraft Store

Activities: sightseeing, swimming, boat rides

Must-Try Food: lechon cebu, danggit, Chorizo de Cebu

Travel Summer Promo: Metrodeal



Tagaytay is as close to paradise as one can find. This site is presented in the spirit of sharing this exceptional city and country with as many visitors, both Filipino's and visitors from abroad alike
Tagaytay is like a mini-Baguio, simply because of it's cold climate but don't expect that it's freezing point though. This is one of the best place for team building or just a getaway from the hustle bustle of Manila. Tagaytay is a favourite spot for both the locals and foreigners. Its cool climate makes Tagaytay as a refreshing summer destination. It is referred to as the second summer capital of the country. This city also provides the best views of the Taal Volcano, a volcano within the Taal Lake. The scenic views around the city are stress free relievers. That is why Tagaytay is one of the best relaxing vacation spots in the Philippines.
Place to Visit: Taal Volcano and lake, Tagaytay Highlands, Tagaytay Picnic Grove, 41st Division USAFFE Marker, People's Park in the Sky, Filipino-Japanese Friendship Garden, Residence Inn Mini Zoo, Calaruega Church,

Activities: sightseeing, play golf, ziplining, cable car, picnicking,

Must-Try Food: mushroom burger, beef bulalo (beef shank stew), fried tawilis (small fish)
Travel Summer Promo: MetrodealEnsogoCash Cash Pinoy



a first class island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region, consisting of Bohol Island and 75 minor surrounding islands. Bohol is famous for its beautiful beaches and resorts in the Visayas region. It is also well known for its diving locations. In fact, it is listed as one of the top ten diving locations in the world. Bohol is also the popular home of tarsiers. The native tarsiers are the second-smallest primate in the world. It is a must for tourists to check them out!
Place to visit: Chocolate Hills, Alona Beach, Bolod Beach, Doljo Beach, Balicasag, Loboc River Cruise, Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary, Blood Compact Site, Hinagdanan Cave, Man-made Forest in Bilar
Activities: whale and dolphin watching, swimming, scuba-diving, snorkelling, caving, sightseeing, cable ride, zipline, sky jump, rappelling, trekking, biking, kayaking
Must-Try Food: seafood dishes, sisig (hot plate), chicken barbecue
Travel Summer Promo:  Metrodeal

TOP 7 Subic (Anawangin)
Subic is a municipality in the province of Zambales, located along the northern coast of Subic Bay in the Philippines. Subic is known for its beach activities most especially sailing and yachting. It has been once a USA military base. Now, it is a commercial Freeport after the Americans left in 1991. There are lots of outdoor activities you can do in this city. Subic is truly another great summer escapade with family and friends.
Place to visit: Bat Kingdom, Mangrove Graveyard, Subic Bay Ocean Adventure, Subic Beaches, Subic Treetop Adventure, Waterfront Boardwalk, Zoobic Zafari, El Kabayo Equestrian Center
Activities: sightseeing, beach, trekking, golf, horse back riding, rappelling, canopy ride, go-kart, sailing, yachting, parasailing, jungle environment survival training, camping, kayaking, canoeing, jet ski, scuba diving, car racing, shopping,
Must-Try Food: Kinilaw na hipon (cooked with coconut vinegar), exotic delicacies such as fried insects ( beetles, locusts, crickets)
Travel Summer Promo: MetrodealCash Cash Pinoy
TOP 8 BANAUE ( down to Sagada)
Banaue (or alternatively spelled as Banawe) is a 4th class municipality in the province of IfugaoPhilippinesBanaue is the home of one of the eight wonders of the world, Banaue Rice Terraces. This is how the locals refer to this amazing creation. The Banaue Rice Terraces has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 1995. The World Travel and Tour Council also recognized the rice terraces as a green globe destination in the Philippines. So be prepared to witness the impressive man-made mountain stairway.
Place to visit: Banaue Rice Terraces, Matang-lag Bronze Smiths, Guihod Natural Pool, Poitan Village,
Activities: sightseeing, meeting the Ifugaos (native inhabitants), trekking, mountain biking, mountaineering,
Must-Try Food: fresh vegetables
Travel Summer Promo: Ensogo


The Bicol Region is located in the southernmost tip of Luzon Island, the largest island in the Philippine archipelago. Bicol is also a great place to explore the Philippines. One tourist destination you shouldn't miss is the Mount Mayon in Albay. It is famous for its "perfect cone". The almost symmetrical conical shape is amazingly beautiful once you see it in person. It is also a must to try their exquisite spicy "gata" (cooked in coconut milk) dishes.
Place to visit: Mayon Volcano, Cagsawa Ruins, Calabidongan Caves, Mercedes Group of Islands, Puraran Beach, Mount Bulusan, Bulusan Lake, Butanding (whale sharks) watching in Donsol, Lake Buhi, Tumaguiti Falls, Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex, Catanduanes beaches
Activities: sightseeing, caving, nature exploring (lake, falls, mountains, volcanoes), beach, Butanding whale-watching, scuba diving, water sports,
Must-Try Food: Bicol express (spicy vegetables with meat or fish cooked in coconut milk), Pinangat (taro leaves stuffed with shrimp fry), pili nut products,
Reviews: Tripadvisor
TOP 10 Davao
The City of Davao (CebuanoDakbayan sa DabawTagalogLungsod ng Dabaw) is a city in MindanaoPhilippines. It is a part of Metro Davao, the third most populous metropolitan area in the country. Davao is the largest island in Mindanao. It is also where Mount Apo, the tallest mountain in the Philippines is located. Grab the chance to trek its popular nature trails for an unforgettable summer adventure. Davao also has world class fine beaches and dive spots.
Place to visit: Mt. Apo, Philippine Eagle Center, San Pedro Cathedral, Pearl Farm Island Resort, Crocodile Park, Samal Island, Paradise Island,
Activities: sightseeing, beach, water sports, scuba diving, snorkelling, boat sailing, hiking, trekking, river rafting,
Must-Try Food: durian fruit, durian candies, mangosten fruit, pomelo fruit, fresh seafood,
Travel Summer Promo: Metrodeal

These famous summer destinations are just personal picks to suggest the best summer vacation spots in the Philippines. You can also consider these beatiful places like Batangas, Laguna, Camarines Sur, Pangasinan, Siargao, Batanes, Ilocos and many others before you consider travelling to Hongkong, China , Singapore and USA. It is indeed MORE FUN TRAVELLING IN THE PHILIPPINES. Search each of the destination's websites and plan ahead. Hope this guide can help you plan your summer escapade! Have a blast this summer!
If i might forget other places. Feel free to list it here!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

10 Small Business Ideas in the Philippines

We listed 10 small business ideas with low starting capital you can start in the Philippines. If you are:

-Unemployed person who strives to earn for living
-Employed one who wants to earn extra income
-A mom who wishes to work at home
-A college student who needs to find ways to fund his own school expenses, then this can be the right idea for your small yet admirable business and entrepreneurship move.

1. Loading business (starts from 500 - 4,000 capital)
If you want to start a business with small capital, cellphone loading or eloading can be the one for you. The good thing with this business is that you can do it part-time while you’re not yet ready to depart from your employer. Filipinos (including you) are in a constant need of prepaid cellphone load. You can sell it to your friends or even to your office mates, if you’re still employed. The loading business becomes more revolutionized, with the fast-changing technologies the world offers. You can try to invest a capital to start your own loading business with some of the top loading business partners in the Philippines.

2. Specialty food business (Food cart Franchise)
The food industry is a never ending business, whether it’s small or business. People will continue to crave for a new kind of taste. If you love specialty foods, you can turn this into a business. This may include, baking special chocolates, candies, cookies and other special delicacies. You can consign these products in other stores (like department stores) or just sell it directly to your customers.

3. Lunch and snacks
Everybody needs to eat, especially the employees and workers who almost don’t have the time to prepare or even go out from their workplace to buy their food during lunch break. The idea is to sell and deliver lunch packs and snacks during “merienda” or snack time to these workers. To run this small business, you need to have a telephone to contact your customers for delivery, good skills in cooking, and the ability to build good relationship with these prospective customers. The good example of this is the famous "jollijeep" they consider putting a one stop lunch, merienda and dinner for those employees near their area with very affordable cost.

4. Social Media Advertising (Website creation)
If you know how to create a website and know how to market it, then social media advertising is for you. It is the development of websites for sale. What you need is skills in website design, content creation, and some search engine optimization (SEO). The cost you will incur consists of your domain name registration fee, web hosting fee, listing fee and cost of outside services if you wish to outsource some works related to website development. A domain name costs P 500.00 for a one year registration, while web hosting fee for 4 months can costs P2,000, enough to accommodate a developing website for those months. Listing fee of one website in (a leading marketplace for website selling) costs around P 1,000. If you will develop a website and sell it after 3 months you will incur a total costs of P3,500 (assuming you will develop it by yourself). If you can come up with a website that receives good traffic and generates some income, you can successfully sell it at a 100% to 300% profit. Be sure to have a Paypal account to accept payment from your buyers online.

5. Web host reselling
Another online small business idea is web host reselling. This involves buying a web hosting account and reselling it to different customers. For example, you pay for a P 1,300 monthly web hosting reseller account with 15GB space and 300GB bandwidth. You can divide it to 10 (1,500MB space and 30GB bandwidth) and resell it for P300 or more to 10 clients, resulting to a sales of P3,000 and profit of P1,700. If you can multiply this business into more accounts and clients, then your revenues and income will also be multiplied. You can integrate this business with your website design, development and flipping business. But you need to have and maintain a reputable website that will serve as your online store and place to interact with your client. You can check ResellerZoom for a reseller account at your budget.

6. Direct selling business ( "benta-benta")
Direct selling or personal selling will require anyone’s own effort and self-reliance. Most direct selling companies offer low starting investment or initial capital to become part of their successful business. This is just perfect for people (e.g., home-based moms, students and employed persons) who want to have a small business than can be done with a flexible time. Check out Avon, Sundance, Tupperware Philippines and Natasha.

7. Poultry farming
This is an old small business that you can do at your backyard. We already know the idea. We buy chicks or piglets and raise them till we profit. If you love to play Farmville in Facebook, why not try to make it real? However, this business may not be practicable if you live in a highly urbanized place like in the middle of a city or in a province and you can also consider planting and selling vegetables in your background that categorized to a low cost budget but better make sure you have a green thumb.

8. Laundry and dry-cleaning
Since this is a small business idea, you can do it without expensive laundry machines, and do the cleaning just like the old times. There may be already lots of laundry shops in your area. However, you can make a more special and unique service by offering free pickup and delivery services.

9. House cleaning services
Many people nowadays, especially those who spend more hours in the office than in their home, have no time to do the job of cleaning their own place. Thus, you can be the one to provide that service to them. This can one of the best summer business ideas for teenagers and students who want to earn extra money during the school-break season.

10. Tutorial services
For me, being a teacher is the best profession out there. Remember that Christ our Lord is a great teacher. Now, if you are gifted and blessed with an exceptional knowledge, you can share that knowledge to everyone who needs it. Of course, except for the Word of God which you cannot share for money, other kinds of knowledge which you have invested with time and money, can be the product of your tutorial business. You can teach online or offline, depending on where you will be more effective, efficient and profitable.

A Filipino is known to be hardworking, so doing a business could probably be an easy task for us, with this we could be able to help the economy and increase our SAVING :) Its fun living in the Philippines so lets enjoy our hard earned money.

Deuteronomy 8:18 NIV 
But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today. All of our skills and special talents that we use in our businesses are all given to us by God. He gives us the ability to make money and cut deals. He did it for our parents and mentors and he does it for us too.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Chinese New Year 2013 begins on 10th February 2013 and this date will change circumstances for millions of people throughout the year. This 2013 will help you to be prepared and make informed decisions in 2013 that may affect your well-being and endeavors. FOOD CART BUSINESS is one GREAT CHOICE!!! Mag negosyo, kumita with our DISCOUNTED FOOD CARTS!!!


This is a year of  water Snake, and all things will be possible. Saving money and being thrifty should be your top priorities.  Delusion and deception are common in the year of water Snake.  Stay alert!  To gain the greatest benefits from this year, you must control spending and use your talents wisely.

MASWERTENG NEGOSYO ba ang hanap mo! We have that absolutely for YOU!!!

How to avail of our carts?

1. Contact Ms. Neri Santos (0906-280-9552) to set an appointment for more details.
2. We will conduct preliminary orientation as to what concepts you are interested with.
3. Fill up an application form after choosing your desired franchise concept.
4. Submit your proposed location for approval (if no location yet, you can still submit one after finding the area that suits you)
5. Pay the franchise fee.
6. Sign franchise agreement.
7. Attend our Franchise Seminar and Crew Training
8. Release of your Foodcart Package
9. Operation of your Food Cart Business.

Browse thru our FAQs again or contact Ms. Neri Santos @ 0906-280-9552 / 0922-562-5451